VNBIG User Agreement

You and VNBIG jointly confirm:

1. When you completely register an account on our VNBIG, gain VNBIG account number and password, it’s regarded that you and VNBIG have reached “VNBIG User Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement"), in relation to using your account to transact on VNBIG.
2. You and VNBIG carefully read all the terms of this "VNBIG User Agreement", the con-tents of the legal statement and the operating rules issued by VNBIG that is known, un-derstood, accepted and agreed to be used as the basis for determining the rights and ob-ligations of both parties. When you agree “VNBIG User Agreement”, simultanneously you agree The legal statement as an indispensable part of this agreement. This agreement includes the text of this agreement, rules, statements and explanations that VNBIG has issued or publishes in the future. All of rules, statements, and explanations are insepara-ble parts of this agreement and have the same legal effect as the text of agreement.
3. This Agreement has no responsible for any legal relationship or disputes between you and other users as a result of digital assets transactions.


1.1 “Digital assets” as referred to in this Agreement: includes not only digital assets cur-rently in use internationally, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and ETC (EthereumClassic), etc., but also all of digital assets published currently or in the fu-ture on all of VNBIG trading areas.
1.2 “VNBIG”: VNBIG Operations team operates and manages is the digi-tal assets trading platform,via this online trading platform, VNBIG Operations team pro-vides users digital assets online trading service. In this agreement, “VNBIG” refers to both the online trading platform ( and the VNBIG Operations team.
1.3 “User”: The members who agreed with the term of this agreement and the legal terms and operating rules issued and updated by VNBIG from time to time, registered to trade digital assets on VNBIG.
1.4 “User registration”: User registration is the process by which a user logs in to VNBIG, fills in relevant information as required, and agrees to perform the relevant user agreement.
1.5 “Digital assets trading”: The activity that user trades digital assets via VNBIG .
1.6 "Recharge money": the amount of digital assets is pre-paid by user to VNBIG platform for purchasing/selling digital assets
1.7 “Fee”:Transaction fee that user pays for VNBIG to transact digital assets on VNBIG.

II. User registration

2.1 Registration eligibility
User commitment: When a user has full civil rights and behavioral abilites, or does not have full civil rights and behavioral abilities click to register, that user is deemed to be agreed by their legal representative and their legal representative register and apply VNBIG services on behalf of that user.
2.2 Registration purposes
User commitment: The registration of user at VNBIG is not for the purpose of violating laws and regulations or damaging the order of VNBIG digital assets transactions.
2.3 Registration process
2.3.1 According to VNBIG registration page requirement, user provides valid contact infor-mation such as mobile phone number and other informations to set VNBIG account and password, user ensures the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of all the infor-mation provided.
2.3.2 If user completely provides required information, user will obtain VNBIG account and password are used for logging in VNBIG platform.
2.3.3 When user successfully registers and obtains VNBIG account and password, user agrees to receive emails and/or SMS sent by VNBIG related to the management and operation of VNBIG platform.
2.3.4 After successful registration, if user makes a digital asset transaction, user will provide the true identity information including but not limited to, name, ID number, photograph, etc. for real name verification in accordance with requirements of this agreement.
2.3.5 In the course of using VNBIG services, user shall perform a series of identity verification in accordance with requirements of this agreement, including but not limited to providing ID photo, hand-held ID photo, video verification, etc. 

III. User services

VNBIG only provides digital assets online trading platform services. VNBIG does not par-ticipate in buying and selling digital assets as a buyer or seller.
3.1 Sevices
3.1.1 User has the rights to browse real-time quotes and trading information of digital assets on VNBIG, submit digital asset trading orders via VNBIG and complete transactions.
3.1.2 User has the rights to view information of other VNBIG users and apply functions provid-ed by VNBIG.
3.1.3 User has the rights to participate in activities on website of VNBIG under acitvities rules published by VNBIG
3.1.4 VNBIG commits to provide other services to user.
3.2 Service rules
User commits to comply with the following VNBIG service rules:
3.2.1 User must comply with laws, regulations, normative documents, and policy requirements to ensure the legality of all sources of capital and digital assets in user account. VNBIG does not allow users to use VNBIG services to engage in illegal or other activities that damage the rights of VNBIG or third parties such as sending or receiving any information that violates laws, rules, public orderliness and infringes the rights of others; sends or re-ceives MLM materials, or other hazards information or speech; uses or fakes VNBIG email header information without VNBIG authorization.etc
3.2.2 User must safely use and keep VNBIG account and password, capital password, and verification code receiving from email. User is responsible for any results of using VNBIG account and password, or capital password, verification code. When user finds that VNBIG account, password, verification code is used by a third party without authorization, or other security problems, please notify and request VNBIG immediately to suspend that VNBIG account services. VNBIG reserves the right to take act on the user's request within a reasonable time, but assumes no responsibility for any loss that user has suffered before VNBIG takes action.
3.2.3 User complies with this user agreement, other service terms and operating rules issued and updated by VNBIG from time to time

IV. Transaction rules

In the process of entering VNBIG transactions and transacting digital assets with other users through VNBIG, user must comply with the following VNBIG digital asset trading rules.
4.1 Browse transaction information
When user browses transaction information on VNBIG, user should read carefully all of transaction information, including but not limited to digital asset prices, commissions, fees, buying or selling directions, and must agree with the full of the transaction information before clicking the button to transact.
4.2 Recharge
The user understands and agrees that VNBIG will update the rechargeable digital assets.
4.3 Withdraw
The user understands and agrees, The user has the right to withdraw the balance of the digital assets in the VNBIG account at any time, but shall pay the corresponding withdrawal fee to VNBIG. 
4.4 Submit commission
User can submit transaction commission after looking through transaction information. After submitting transaction commision, user authorizes VNBIG to make appropriate transaction, VNBIG will makes transactions that satisfies user’s commission price and complete transaction without prior notification to user.
4.5 View transaction details
User can view corresponding transaction history through transaction management center, and confirm detailed transaction history
4.6 Undo/modify commision
User has the right to undo or modify the commission at any time before the commissioning of transaction is completed

V. User’s rights and obligations

5.1 User has the right to accept digital asset trading platform services provided by VNBIG team in accordance with this agreement.
5.2 User has the right to terminate using VNBIG services at any time.
5.3 The user has the right to withdraw the balance of the digital assets in VNBIG at any time, but shall pay to VNBIG the corresponding handling fee for withdrawal.
5.4 User is responsible for authenticity, validity and safety of the personal data provided dur-ing registration.
5.5 If user transacts digital asset on VNBIG, user must not maliciously interfere with normal digital asset transactions and disrupt transaction orders.
5.6 Users shall not interfere with the normal operation of VNBIG or interfere with the use of VNBIG services of other users by any technical means or other means.
5.7 If a user has lawsuits arising from online transactions with other users, VNBIG may not be required to provide relevant information through judicial or administrative channels.
5.8 Users must not maliciously dismantle VNBIG's goodwill by the form of fictional facts.

VI. VNBIG’s rights and obligations

6.1 If a user does not possess the qualifications for registration as stipulated in this agreement, VNBIG reserves the right to refuse user's registration, cancel registered VNBIG member account. If VNBIG suffers losses as a result, VNBIG has the right to claim compensation from aforementioned user or user’s legal representative. At the same time, VNBIG reserves the right to decide whether to accept user registration in any other circumstances.
6.2 When VNBIG team finds that user is not the initial registrant of account, VNBIG has the right to suspend the use of account.
6.3 When the VNBIG team reasonably suspects that the information provided by user is erroneous, false, invalid, or incomplete through technical testing, manual sampling, etc., VNBIG has the right to notify user to correct, update information, suspend or terminate service provided by VNBIG.
6.4 VNBIG reserves the right to correct information when VNBIG finds that any information displayed on VNBIG is obviously wrong.
6.5 VNBIG team reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate VNBIG service at any time; modify or discontinue services without prior notification to users. If VNBIG terminates one or more services of VNBIG, the termination shall take effect on the date on which VNBIG team publishes termination notice on the website.
6.6 VNBIG team should take necessary technical measures and management measures to ensure the normal operation of VNBIG, and provide necessary and reliable trading environment and trading services to maintain the order of digital assets transactions.
6.7 If a user logs in to VNBIG without using a VNBIG member account and password for one year in a row, VNBIG has the right to cancel user's VNBIG account.
6.8 VNBIG team protects security of digital asset managed by user by strengthening technical investment and enhancing security and has obligation to notify user in advance when foreseeable security risks of user fund appear.
6.9 VNBIG team reserves the right to retain user's registration information and all information during the application of VNBIG service, the implementation period of this agreement and after termination of this agreement, including but not limited to personal information, transaction information, etc., but it must be used in accordance with the provisions of this agreement and must not be used illegally.
6.10 VNBIG team reserves the right to delete any content information on the VNBIG website that does not comply with national laws and regulations, normative documents, or user evaluations stipulated by the VNBIG website at any time without prior notification to user.

VII. Special statement

7.1 To the extent permitted by law, VNBIG is not responsible for maintenance of information network equipment, failure of information network connection, failure of computers, communication or other systems, power failure, weather conditions, accidents, strikes, labor disputes, riots, insurrections, lack of productivity or materials of production, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, bank or other partner causes, digital asset market crashes, government actions, orders from judicial authorities, other force majeure or third-party failures as a result of the inability to serve or delay the service, and the losses of users incurred thereby.

VIII. Intellectual property rights

8.1 The intellectual property rights of all intellectual achievements of VNBIG includes but not limited to website logos, databases, website designs, texts and graphics, softwares, photos, videos, musics, sounds, and combinations thereof, software compilations, related source codes, and softwares (including applets) are owned by VNBIG. User may not copy, alter, transmit, or use any of the aforementioned materials or contents for commercial purposes. 8.2 All rights included in VNBIG name (including but not limited to goodwill and trademarks, logos) are owned by VNBIG operations team. 8.3 User accepts this agreement as the copyright of any kind of information that user voluntarily publishes in VNBIG, including but not limited to: reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, screening rights, broadcasting rights, and information networks. The rights of communication, filming, adaptation, translation, compilation, and other negotiable rights that should be enjoyed by copyright holders are transferred to VNBIG exclusively and for free, VNBIG has the right to institute individual lawsuits and obtain full compensation for any subject infringement. 8.4 User must not illegally use or dispose of VNBIG or other intellectual property rights in the use of VNBIG services. User may not publish the information published in VNBIG in any form or authorize the use of other websites (and media).

IX. Customer service

VNBIG establishes a professional customer service team and a perfect customer service system to ensure the smooth flow of user’s questions and complaints channels from technology, personnel and systems, and provide user with timely troubleshooting and complaints feedbacks.

X. Change and termination of agreement

10.1 Changes of agreement: 
VNBIG reserves the right to make changes to the contents of this agreement or other service terms and operating rules issued by VNBIG at any time. When changes are made, VNBIG will issue an announcement in a conspicuous position within VNBIG station. Changes will take effect when the announcement is released, if user continues to use it, services provided by VNBIG shall be deemed as user agreeing to such changes. If user does not agree with changes, user has the right to cancel VNBIG account and stop using VNBIG services.
10.2 Termination of agreement:
10.2.1 VNBIG reserves the right to cancel user's VNBIG account in accordance with this agreement, and this agreement shall terminate on the date of cancellation of account.
10.2.2 VNBIG reserves the right to terminate all VNBIG services in accordance with terms of this agreement, and this agreement shall terminate on the date of termination of all VNBIG services.
10.2.3 After termination of this agreement, user shall not be entitled to request VNBIG to continue to provide any services or perform any other obligations, including but not limited to requiring VNBIG to retain or disclose to user any information in original VNBIG account, and to forward any information that has not read or sent to user or third party, etc..
10.2.4 The termination of this agreement does not affect the breach of contract by the breaching party.

XI. User information protection

11.1 Scope of application
11.1.1 When user registers a VNBIG account or payment account, the personal registration information provided by user according to VNBIG requirements, including but not limited to identity card information.
11.1.2 When user uses VNBIG service, or access VNBIG website, VNBIG automatically receives and records server values on user's browser, including but not limited to IP addresses and other data and user's requests records.
11.1.3 VNBIG collects relevant data of user’s transactions in VNBIG, including but not limited to records such as recharge, bid, purchase, withdrawal, and denomination.
11.1.4 In the course of providing services, VNBIG conducts identity verification and collects information including but not limited to ID photos, handheld ID cards, videos, etc.
11.1.5 Other personal information is obtained by VNBIG through legal channels
11.2 Information usage
11.2.1 Without additional user consent, registration of user on VNBIG is deemed as user consent to VNBIG collection and use of all types of information on VNBIG, as stated in 11.1, user understands and agrees that VNBIG may use collected user information as, but not limited to, the following uses: Provide VNBIG service to user; Report to relevant departments based on requirements of relevant national authorities.; When user uses VNBIG services, VNBIG may uses user information for authentication, customer service, security, fraud monitoring, archiving, and backup purposes to ensure security of VNBIG products and services to user. Help VNBIG to design new products and services and improve existing services of VNBIG Without the need for additional user consent, VNBIG provides users with various services required by different websites operated by different companies under VNBIG brand (including but not limited to In order to enable user to understand the specific circumstances of VNBIG services, user agrees that VNBIG will send marketing campaign notices, commercial electronic information, and advertisements related to user to replace general advertising; Comply with laws and regulations, authorities or user consent VNBIG transfers or discloses user information to any non-affiliated third party for completion of merger, division, acquisition or transfer of assets. Upgrade software certification or management software Invite user to participate in survey related to VNBIG services Analyze data for cooperation with government agencies, institutions, etc. Use for all other legal purposes and other uses authorized by user.
11.2.2 VNBIG will not sell or lend personal information of user to anyone unless it is approved by user in advance. VNBIG also does not allow any third party using any means to collect, edit, sell or spread personal information of user without payment.
11.2.3 In order to enable user to enjoy better services provided by VNBIG, user understands and agrees that VNBIG may authorize personal information of user to other third-party credit bureaus to verify authenticity of user information and provide credit services.
11.3 VNBIG keeps user identity information and transaction information confidential, and shall not provide any identity information and transaction information to any units and individuals, except as provided by laws and regulations.

XII. Anti-money laundering

12.1 VNBIG identifies users, identity data of user and transaction history recorded, and big deal and suspicious transaction reports.
12.2 When user registers, reports transaction password or fund password, user must provide and upload a copy of ID card. VNBIG will identifies and compares ID card information provided by user. VNBIG has reasonable grounds to suspect if a user registers with a false identity, and has the right to refuse to register or cancel a registered account.
12.3 VNBIG records big deal transactions and suspected money laundering transactions, provides information to regulatory agencies when regulatory agencies request.
12.4 VNBIG preserves user identity information, records of big deal transactions, and suspicious transaction in order to assist and cooperate with judicial branches and law enforcement agencies in combating money laundering; and assist judicial branches, customs, tax authorities, etc. to inquire, freeze and deduct user deposits in accordance with laws and regulations. 
12.5 According to international anti-money laundering policies and protection of user assets, remitter name must be the same as verified name.

XIII. Warning notice

13.1 Digital asset trading is high risk trading
13.1.1 Digital asset market is completely new, unconfirmed and may not grow. Currently, digital assets are mainly used by speculators, and relatively small in retail and commercial markets. Therefore, price of digital assets tends to fluctuate, which in turn adversely affects investment in digital assets.
13.1.2 Digital asset market does not have stock market, and is opened 24 hours. Digital assets have a tendency to fluctuate by a few times a day, due to small chips, prices that are vulnerable by control of dealer and global government policies.
13.2 When users participate in digital asset transactions, user must control their own risks, evaluate investment value of digital assets and investment risks, and bear the economic risk of losing all investments.
13.2.1 User that participates in digital asset transactions withstands relatively high risk. User should understand that this investment may lead to partial or total loss, so user must determine the amount of investment in terms of the extent of loss. Users should understand that digital assets will generate derivative risks. If user has any questions, it is recommended that seek an financial adviser first. Besides, in addition to above-mentioned risks, there will be more unpredictable risks.
13.2.2 Users should carefully consider and use clear judgment abilities to assess financial position and above-mentioned risks before making any decision to purchase or sale digital assets, and assume all of losses. VNBIG does not assume any responsibilities for these losses.
13.3 The transaction of digital assets is suspended or prohibited, and the economic losses caused due to formulation or revision of national laws, regulations, and regulatory documents are all borne by user
13.4 User understands that VNBIG is only used as a place for user to obtain digital asset information, find a trader, negotiate and conduct transactions on digital assets, and VNBIG does not participate in any user transactions. Therefore, user should make judgments with own discretion to determine authenticity, legality, and validity of relevant digital assets and/or information, and to assume own responsibilities and losses.
13.5 Any opinions, news, discussions, analyses, prices, suggestions and other information of VNBIG are general market commentaries and do not constitute investment advices. VNBIG does not assume any losses arising directly or indirectly from reliance on these information, including but not limited to any loss of profits.
13.6 The content of VNBIG may change without notice at any time, VNBIG has taken reasonable steps to ensure accuracy of information on website, but does not guarantee the degree of accuracy, nor does VNBIG bear any losses arising directly or indirectly from VNBIG information or delays or failures resulting from failure to link Internet, transmit or receive any notice or information.
13.7 The use of Internet-based trading systems also carries risks, including but not limited to failure of software, hardware and Internet links. Because VNBIG cannot control reliability and availability of Internet, VNBIG will not assume any responsibilities for distortions, delays and link failures.
13.8 VNBIG is prohibited from all illegal transactions such as money laundering, smuggling, and commercial bribery. If any such incidents is discovered, VNBIG has the right to use all available means, including but not limited to, freezing accounts, notifying relevant authorities, etc., VNBIG does not assume all resulting responsibilities and reserves the right to prosecute related persons.

XIV. Limitation of liability and Disclaimer

14.1 User understands and agrees that VNBIG will not be liable for the following issues under any circumstances:
14.1.1 Loss of income;
14.1.2 Loss of trading profit or contract;
14.1.3 Business interruption;
14.1.4 Loss of currency expected to be saved;
14.1.5 Loss of information; 
14.1.6 Loss of opportunity, goodwill or reputation;
14.1.7 Damage or loss of data;
14.1.8 The cost of purchasing alternative products or services;
14.1.9 Digital assets die out or exit market;
14.1.10 Any indirect, special or incidental loss or damage arising out of infringement (including negligence), breach of contract or any other reasons, whether or not such loss or damage may be reasonably foreseeable by VNBIG; whether or not VNBIG was previously informed of existence of such possibility of loss or damage.
14.1.11 to 14.1.10 are independent of each other.
14.2 User understands and agrees that VNBIG shall not be liable for any damages caused to user due to any of the following conditions.
14.2.1 VNBIG has reasonable grounds to believe that there may be major violations or violations of user specific transactions.
14.2.2 VNBIG has reasonable grounds to believe that user actions in VNBIG are suspected of illegal or inappropriate actions.
14.2.3 Costs and losses from acts or alternatives to purchase or obtain any data, information or transactions through VNBIG services.
14.2.4 User misunderstandings services on website.
14.2.5 User information is leaked, damaged or lost not due to VNBIG.
14.2.6 Any other losses related to services provided by VNBIG that are not caused by VNBIG.
14.3 VNBIG does not guarantee that all information, programs, and texts contained in VNBIG are completely secure and is not interfered with or damaged by any malicious program such as viruses or Trojans. Therefore, user logs in and uses any VNBIG services or downloads and uses any of downloaded programs or information, and data, etc. is a personal decision of user and is at its own risk and possible losses.
14.4 VNBIG makes no guarantee or promise for any information, products and services of any third-party websites linked by VNBIG and any other content not belonging to VNBIG main body. If user uses any services, information and products provided by third-party websites, it is personally determined by user and user bears all of responsibilities arising therefrom.
14.5 VNBIG makes no explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the use of VNBIG services by user, including but not limited to the applicability, continuity, accuracy, reliability, suitability of VNBIG provision services without errors or omissions for a particular purpose. At the same time, VNBIG does not make any commitments and guarantees regarding the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, integrity, and timeliness of the technologies and information involved in services provided by VNBIG. Whether to log in or use service provided by VNBIG is a personal decision of user and is at its own risk and possible losses. VNBIG does not make any explicit or implicit guarantees regarding the market, value, and price of digital assets. User understands that digital asset market is unstable, price and value fluctuate or collapse at any time, and digital assets transactions are a personal choice of user and is at its own risk and possible losses.
14.6 Warranties and undertakings of VNBIG set forth in this agreement are the only guarantees and representations made by VNBIG regarding the services provided by this agreement and VNBIG, and supersede any guarantees and undertakings arising from any other means and methods, whether written or oral, express or suggestive. All these warranties and representations represent only VNBIG's own promises and warranties, and do not guarantee that any third party will comply with the guarantees and promises contained in this agreement.
14.7 VNBIG does not waive any rights not covered by this agreement that are subject to VNBIG restrictions, exemptions or offsets from VNBIG damages within the maximum scope of law application.

XV. Liability for breach of contract

15.1 VNBIG or user violates any agreement of this agreement constitutes a breach of contract, breaching party shall bear the liability of breach of contract to observing party. 15.2 VNBIG reserves the right to request compensation from VNBIG for losses incurred by VNBIG if the information provided by user is untrue, incomplete or inaccurate. 15.3 If user violates laws and regulations or this agreement, VNBIG or use VNBIG services engaged in illegal activities, VNBIG has the right to immediately terminate the provision of VNBIG services, write off its account, and ask to compensate for losses caused by VNBIG. 15.4 If a user interferes with the operation of VNBIG by technical means or interferes with the use of VNBIG by other users, VNBIG shall have the right to cancel that VNBIG account immediately and shall be entitled to claim compensation from VNBIG. 15.5 If user maliciously destroys the goodwill of VNBIG by means of fictitious facts, etc., VNBIG has the right to require user to publicly apologize to VNBIG and compensate for damages caused to VNBIG and the right to terminate the provision of VNBIG services.

XVI. Effectiveness and interpretation of agreement

16.1 This agreement is effective and legally binding on both VNBIG and user when user clicks on VNBIG registration page to agree to register and complete registration process, obtain VNBIG account number and password.